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Cesan Electrical Hoists and Cranes

Cesan has been recognised and well known for being the leading crane manufacturer in Turkey, as our experience in crane field traces back to 1976. We owe our prominent name CESAN to our valuable customers and they were all supplied the highest quality at the best price led an entire customer satisfaction.

We do not conceive this fact as a coincidence but the excellent collaboration of our departments throughout the 34 years, resulting in the best recruitment of labour and the extraordinary outcome of production. It is neither a coincidence that numerous worldwide leading companies make a choice of Cesan today, as a result of our excellent in quality, time and price triangle.

Cesan aims to exceed the expectations of its valuable customers, therefore, investing heavily on R&D as one of our prior objectives. Mainly concentrating on the optimisation of the entire production and the minimisation of cost. Customer satisfaction stands in the forefront of Cesan’s profile, bewaring the needs of customers and knowing their precise needs. Our references indicate the premier image of Cesan, as a result marks the cost-effective production, also indicates the sooner time of production in comparison with the competitors.

Up until now, we have sustained our advanced position in the market and recognised as “The Best of Turkey” and we will sustain this professional pride and go beyond this cope.

Cesan Electrical Hoists and Cranes

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