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Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

Cesan Crane, has a vast production capacity that is capable of producing both standard Double Girder Hoists and Double Girder Overhead Cranes between 1-160 tonnages.

Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane.

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  • Especially, provides a safe workplace whilst lifting and loading heavy tonnage goods.
  • Placing the hoist on the top of the girders, enables the maximum lifting height available.
  • The maintenance platform is a standard procedure that comes with the cranes situated along the girders, enables maintenance and fittings.
  • Special sandblasting is used for girders consistent with the world standards in conjunction with paintings. Considering the workplace environment, appropriate types of paintings can be applied.
  • Main criterias for girder designs include the appropriate FEM, DIN, VDI, CMMA norms to be used as the basis of production.
  • Just as 1 or more hoists can be implemented over the same girder, another seperate Monorail Hoist can also be adapted below the same girder enabling custom solutions.
  • Hoists can be both operated with the movable push buttons along the girder or a remote control on demand, alterntively, a cabin can also be designed for an operator to use. Please also bear in mind that the cabins are fixed and can be moved along the girders as it works independently from the lifted goods
  • Cesan sustains a long-lived cranes by specially designing motors and gearboxes that will carry out a smooth start and stop, avoiding the sudden movement
  • Cesan guarantees the conditions of minimum movement of hook, minimum dimensions of hook, minimum approaching distance, minimum waving of goods on lift, minimum abrasion, low cost of maintenance, short time delivery terms and a smart price for cranes.