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Single Girder Overhead Crane

The Single Girder Overhead Cranes go through our manufacturing as standard cranes where the capacities vary between 1-25 TON.

Single Girder Overhead Crane.

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  • It is appropriate for low headroom and short span plants.
  • Light for transportation and stacking, as well as reliable and economic solutions for customers.
  • Investment costs are lower
  • Highly optimised for installation and comparatively lighter therefore, less load on plant.
  • Acquisition of higher lifting height is sustained through the connected runway beams to the roofs, available for the UnderSlung Cranes type.
  • Rolled mill profile girders are utilised up to 18 mt spans, however, beyond this span welded box girders are used.
  • Hoists can be operated both through the buttons available along the girders, alternatively, using remote control.
  • Cesan sustains a long-lived cranes by specially designing motors and gearboxes that will carry out a smooth start and stop to avoid the sudden movement.
  • Cesan guarantees the conditions of minimum movement of hook, minimum dimensions of hook, minimum approaching distance, minimum waving of goods on lift, minimum abrasion, low cost of maintenance, short time delivery terms and a smart price for cranes.