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Heavy-Duty Gantry Cranes

Cranes for lifting and transferring, facilitating production and maintenance purposes for Iron and Steel Industry, Prefabricate construction, Naval Construction etc. offering high quality engineering, economic and optimised solutions.

Heavy-Duty Gantry Cranes.
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Cesan continually enhances its production quality relying on its past experience up to now. We are able to suit the customer needs at every scope of their needs, as few of our successfully completed projects include 2x200 ton , 2x100 ton , 2x80 ton , 120 ton , 80 ton , 50 ton , 40 ton , 35 ton capacities.

The manufacturing process goes through intense quality controls to ensure Cesan’s cranes suit the needs of its valuable customers at every aspect, as our previous experiences leads us to evolve our production quality.

Cesan assures a complete infinite element analysis, as well as high protection for any natural disaster.

Anti-sway control is sustained through the computercontrolled remotes and cameras to monitor the motion which are connected over the system, performing a smooth movement of the desired goods.

Cesan also assures a smooth incline movement with its special systems, just as the anti-sway systems. Any type of frequency inverter can be adapted to the systems available.